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  1. MR-A-TM Termination Connector

    Thank you very much @yurtaev!
  2. MR-A-TM Termination Connector

    Hi! Does anyone know the connections of a MR-A-TM Termination Connector? Hoping someone might help.
  3. Yes, I turned the rotary switch to 0 for axis #1. I also tested the servo amplifier with the MR-Configurator software and it's working fine. I could also read the QD75M2 module with GxWorks2. What could be the problem? 
  4. Hello! I'm trying to connect my QD75M2 with a MR-J2S40B1 Servo amplifier with an SSCNET cable. The problem is when I try to turn on the Servo ON/OFF on the Intelligent function in GxWorks2, an error occurs saying the servo amplifier is disconnected with my QD75M2. I'm confident that I've wired it properly. What could be the problem? Hoping you might help. Thank you.