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  1. how to get data from siemens to AB plc

    DeviceNet is one possible common protocoll, it should be also possible to exchange data via 1756-EWEB card.
  2. Using CFII card to store tag values/trend data

    Be carefull, the sample programs probably won't work. Rockwell changed the Slot of the CLX processor (if you compare it with the same sample in a previous version like 14) but they didn't change the Destination for all of the Message instructions, they changed only one of them. The Destination is "1, 2" but should be "1, 0" in my opinion.
  3. AB 160 VFD - Self resetting after Overload

    What about Parameter 50, 51 and 54?
  4. CompactLogix L35E Serial Port

    In Release Notes of Rslgx5000 Version 13.01 you'll find:
  5. CompactLogix L35E Serial Port

    I saw this error 5 years ago with a 5555 Controller. But I didn't get an error message like this in the Rslgx5000 software. I just found out that the serial port was set up to "system" instead of "user". I changed it, closed the dialog box. When I reopened it, the setting was back to "system". I used Firmware 7 at this time. I've shutted down a running production line, rewired over 10 hours for a new project and one controller didn't work because of this error. It tooks me 3 hours to end up with the L5K-export-import solution, here it was the first time I saw the error message. The program was uploaded from another controller, this controller was still running with the wrong value (0), this could be tested by uploading this program again and exporting this to L5K. The "Tokenholdfactor" was not available in the RsLgx5000 Software, but there was already a SSV available. I don't know how a value could change that is not available for the user (we had no SSV instruction for this in the program). We received a non ASCII byte string in this aplication. I assume that a certain byte combination caused the processor to change this setting. The recommendation of the Rockwell support was only to update to a newer firmware.
  6. 6200-series with WinXP

    I never tried it, but in my Rslinx (Gateway) I can select "Communications", "Configure Client Applications..." "Interchange Port mapping".
  7. CLX training

    That was true at the very beginning, but now you could use Event-Based Tasks to react quite fast for Input changes.

  9. File Not Found CL-5k

    Did the Filename contain Spaces? Did you use "Save As" before to write to a floppy drive?
  10. Ethernet

    If your PC has a Gigabit LAN NIC, then it works also with a "Standard" Lan cable. All Gigabit LAN NIC are doing this!
  11. RackStatus bit on 1771-ASB

    If you want to use these counters OkiePC mentioned, you have to program some MSG's in your logic: http://domino.automation.rockwell.com/appl...57?OpenDocument
  12. RackStatus bit on 1771-ASB

    Check the right Termination (Resistors at both ends of the physical first and last Rack). Important is also the value of the resistor, dependend of the Baudrate(150/82 Ohm). I've seen similar effects, for example after replacing a Panelview on the same RIO we've got randomly Rack Faults at a Block I/O module. We could see that the Retry Counter was counting up frequently. Before replacing the Panelview this machine was running with wrong termination for years without any stop regarding this module.