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  1. I would like to know if I can use a Siemens PLC if I only have a serial screen?
  2. How to pass fractional values to PLC and should I use double or float type for fractional values?
  3. robotic arm project

    Sounds like a robotic arm with a touch screen? I have purchased a 6-axis robotic arm and will be using a serial touch screen to control it and I am now primed to control the movement of the arm.
  4. What communication protocols are supported by the communication ports on the S7-200 CPU?
  5. robotic arm project

    I recently designed a UI interface for my robotic arm project, please make some suggestions for me.
  6. HMI Design Software

    It's a matching set, right? Is it okay if I use this software but use other hardware?
  7. HMI Design Software

    Please recommend HMI design software for me.