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  1. S7-200 PLC

    Thank you very much dear dekor, I'll try that and keep you in touch !.. Best regards
  2. S7-200 PLC

    Hello, I've a project on S7-200 PLC /CPU 216 and want to download this project to S7-200 PLC /CPU 226. Can I download it directly via Micro/Win or may need to do some change before? Waiting for kind Answer !..  
  3. S7-200 PPI cable

    Thank you very much dear Mr.Sparky for kind reply , If you don't mind, send me the correct circuit diagram you depended please . Thank you again..   
  4. S7-200 PPI cable

    Dears, I got a circuit diagram from the net to implement S7-200 PPI cable adapter based on RS232 PC port as shown in attached image. Please advise me if this design is trusted or not !.. Waiting for kind help..                                            Best regards