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  1. modbus communication

    hi, i have the same plc function, and the program is running good, i have a plc r series "r04" and im using rj71c24-r4 with rs485 and serial modul with predefined protocol support function in ch2, im using half duplex and my slave modbus rtu has id:1, the problem is when i want to add another device with id:2 and i created another protocol, but only id:1 works the id:2 is no readed, actually my program is based in this example. someone who can guide me how to correctly register the second device  thanks
  2. plc mtsubishi r series and rj71c24-r4

    hello, im working with r04 mitsubishi plc with rj71c24-r4 in modbus rtu mode, i need to read and write PM1200 scheneider values, but i have problems, is my first time with this model and very different than fx5u model, i working in GX works3 someone who can guide me, I would appreciate it too much