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  1. Update, received my new 1747-UIC today. It works!. I heard from several helpful individuals who told me to verify cabling. It just took a while. Thank you all so much.
  2. The plan right now is the compact 5069-L310ER with existing I/O 1747-AENTR. I am trying to work out a way to upgrade pieces at a time, like keeping existing Panelview until upgrade later with 2711P-T10C21D8S (but i guess I will need the Panel View with 2 ethernet ports? 2711P-T10C22D8S). If I have to keep the DH-485 communication my parts rep suggested Prosoft A-DH485R that is an ethernet DH-485 router.
  3. I am starting an upgrade process for all my SLC50* PLCs and working out the communication of my machines for the upgrade. I ran into this complication I don't understand. I have 2 machines that work together using 1 HMI. Both machines have their own PLCs. Both are running SLC5/02 to 1747-AIC link coupler then to the 2711P-RN6 interface with the DH-485 communications running parallel. I don't understand how this works, or how I might possibly upgrade the communications from 2 PLC's into 1 HMI without linking the PLC's programming first. (Also, a complication I am working on, I only have the Runtime file, not the ME file for the HMI program). 
  4. Regarding my attempts to connect not working: I am using several new SLC CPUs without luck. The CPU in question does not have any lights when connected normally. If I disconnect the Comm port, the Comm light comes on. I have been wanting to connect to it to see why it won't Run. Engaging the HMI buttons change the HMI screen, but no I/Os change on the PLC including the Run light not lit. This follows the logic of the Comms port being damaged you mention. However, I cannot connect to any of my other SLC's yet to download the program. 
  5. Thank you Alan, that is excellent information. While I am waiting on the factory UIC and C13, I did make a C13 (after I had tried the ethernet).   FYI: My need to connect to the SLC502 started with a technician plugging an ethernet into the SLC502 to communicate directly with the laptop ethernet port. They had assumed the RJ45 port was ethernet. The power supply blew. He plugged in another power supply and tried again and blew that one. Then decided to stop. The SLC502 in the rack seems fine, but will not run, or communicate with the HMI. So we believe the program may have been lost. I have the program, but need to download it. 
  6. Update: Still waiting on a new UIC cable to verify if mine is working. Decided to order a Compact Logix CPU as I may have better luck upgrading and waiting a couple months for that to come in.  I have no idea what the harmony files are. I will follow your link and educate myself. 
  7. The forum is having issues with any more images I am trying to attach.
  8. I am using the gray/White 1747-UIC Ser A converter. I am trying to follow the steps in the link provided IanM8040. I have not ever seen the black version shown. Earlier in the forum I was told to use the UIC driver, but as I stated, using the DF1-DH485 Driver, I get a successful auto configuration, but the PLC does not populate in RSWho. This is still the case. I do not have another 1747-UIC to compare, but I have requested another for order. I made my own 1747-C13 cable, and have tried ethernet cables with the same result. I have tired with and without the link coupler, and also I have tried 2 different 5/02's and also a 5/03 (on the 5/03 I also tried the RS232 with the 1747-CP3 cable). 
  9. I did try changing the station number from 00 to 01 I lost communication with my PC (had a red X over the workstation I am using). Went back to 00 and still had the X. When I tried to config again, RSLinxs crashed. Upon reload Im back at 00 with no X.
  10. I have now made my own cable. I had an extra AB-1747-C10.03 S-B (with a large connector on one end and RJ45 on other). I followed a pin out I found online: CABLE PINOUTS:Data Highway 485 (DH485) Communication Cables:1747-C10/C11/C13/C20 CABLE PINOUT & CONNECTOR PART NUMBERSP1 / COLOR / FUNCTION / P21 / RED / CH. B TX/RC / 1 TOP2 / BLACK / CH. A TX/RC / 23 / BROWN / +24 VDC / 3 **4 / WHITE / SIGNAL GND / 45 / BLUE / TX-EN / 56 / DRAIN / EARTH GND / 6 **7 / GREEN / SIGNAL GND / 78 / ORANGE / +24 VDC / 8 BOTTOM   I have also switched to using a PC with Win 7 instead of 10... and I have the same result. Using the UIC driver, the PLC does not populate in RSWho. I again ran the DF1 driver autoconfiguration to confirm my cables were working. (The cable I made was tested before use with a network cable tester).  Using the 1747-UIC, the USB and DH485 lights flash from time to time with the OI light solid.  I tried hooking up a 5/03 CPU which had an RJ45 and a serial port. I tried to use the 1747-UIC switched to RS232 directly to the serial port on CPU with an AB-1747-CP3 cable that did not work. I also tried the RJ45 on the 5/03, the DH-485 light was blinking, but the drivers would never confirm connection.
  11. I had done the UIC driver previously, but had no confirmation of it working. (With the DF1 driver configuration would work meant I had good connection even though the PLC would not populate in RSWho). So, using the UIC driver, I still have no population in RSWho. I took a screen shot of the station menu as I do not know how to change that, and all options are grey'ed out. (Still using a standard Ethernet cable on this connection - I have not yet made a custom cable).
  12. SLC5/02 CPU with only an RJ45 port. (I also attempted a 5/03 with RJ45 and Serial ports, I tried switching my UIC to RS232 with serial cable and did not get a connection). The DF1 driver auto configure is successful with my USB 1747 UIC with an Ethernet cable (straight) directly to the CPU or using the DH-485 Link Coupler. The only non-Allen Bradley cable I am using is the Ethernet. Some other info I found said it would work. (For confirmation I have changed Ethernet cables with the same result including a cross connect cable).
  13. I have some SLC500 that I am attempting to connect to for the first time. I am using a PC with USB, an AB-1747-UIC A with USB connection, running through a DH-485 Link Coupler to the CPU. I have configured a DF1 driver, and a UIC driver both successfully in RS Linx, but the CPU will not show up in RS Who, therefore I cannot connect to it. I have tested that the connection is good to the CPU, as the driver would not be successful otherwise. I cannot figure out why the PLC does not populate in RS Who. Any ideas?