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  1. CONVERT GX-IEC Developer to GX Works 2

    Thanks a ton Gambit. Will proceed as suggested. :)
  2. CONVERT GX-IEC Developer to GX Works 2

    Hi Gambit, I've tried that. I selected the "Open other data", then "Open other project". The selected "SOFTCTRL.PRO" in the project file.   Result: PLC type of this project is not supported by this function. Cannot open the project. I should have mentioned that the PLC in question is an A2AS-s30. I've uploaded the file. Maybe there is some voodoo you can think of. I tried converting to Q series in IEC Developer. Tons of errors . PLC1 2021_06_22.PCD
  3. I believe that conversion is possible, but have no idea how?
  4. Hi Bryll.

    I need help to convert GX-IEC Developer program to GX Works 2 please