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  1. PLC Automation for Textile Printer

    Great idea! Thank you!
  2. PLC Automation for Textile Printer

    This just happened last month and we've been fighting to get it resolved since then. I don't have access to viewing the code as the programmers are in Arizona and we're in Missouri. We sent our EE32 memory card to them for the re-write. So the sensor that would be failing would be a hardware issue not a software so I'll go see if I can find an answer to the sensor that may have failed. I appreciate your time very much and the idea!
  3. I'm new to this language but had a machine malfunction that is using a PLC system from B&R. The parts have been discontinued but I've been able to find a new board on ebay but that hasn't helped so I am back to thinking it is a software issue. To describe it: when we run this machine in sample mode it will index and table up and then table down and index again as it should. When we try to run it in start/auto mode it hits a different input and will index then tables up but then table down and won't index again after.  We also had the memory card sent off and had the software for our machine re-burned to the card but when we got it back there was no change.  We really need this machine up and going so I'm desperate for some ideas as to what the issue might be. Could it be that there is a cache saved from the previous card that needs to be cleared?