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  1. I have been attempting to connect to connect to a couple of PLC's that are in some of our slide gate conveyors (CTI). I do not have a lot of experience with PLCs. Took a class on it a few years back, but haven't had much hands on experience since. So last year we had a technician come in and add a rung to the program of the CPM2A that allowed the PCB to hold at the out sensor and for the incoming machine to not accept the board until the conveyor is fully extended. What I was tasked with was checking the program in the CPM2A and applying that additional rung to the CPM1A on the other line. Unfortunately I cannot connect to the 1A and when I attempt to connect to the 2A it tells me that I am trying to connect to a CQM1 instead, but that's not what the PLC physically shows it being.  I have the CS1W-CIF31 cable and the CPM1-CIF01 as well. I am using the correct port (COMM4). Port settings are 9600, 8, even, 2. In CX-Programmer, I am clicking New > Device type (CPM2A) > Network (toolbus).... When i connect to the 2A it tells me its a CQM1... SO when I change the settings to that one and compile the program it shows me a very weird program. Doesn't seem to have any real instructions. Maybe I don't understand the program?  When I try to connect to the CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1 I just get a failed to connect every time. I Open CX-Programmer, New, Device type (CPM1A), Change CPU settings to CPU30, toolbus, etc.... Failed to connect. I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now and haven't gotten very far. I have tried to connect with Omron and haven't gotten far from there. Any Help will be appreciated, I'm very noobish sorry lol
  2. Connecting to a CPM2A and CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1

    Makes perfect sense. Thank you! But with that being said shouldn't the CIF31 connect directly to the CPM2A then with no issue or is that where this other cable comes into play?
  3. Connecting to a CPM2A and CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1

    Do you guy's have a link to the price of this cable? I would like to try and get one ordered.  I cant seem to find this P/N anywhere. By any chance is this the CPM1-CIF02 cable? Looking to have my boss order one but i want to make sure its the correct cable. Thanks!
  4. Connecting to a CPM2A and CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1

    Is there a different cable I should be using? Drivers are up to date and correct windows version. 
  5. Connecting to a CPM2A and CPM1A-30CDR-A-V1

    I have and get a failed to connect every time. I will change the port settings but i believe i tried that. I will try it again and come back here with results.