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  1. Logicmaster 90 on Win XP

    I've looked at the serial configuration - tried it default, slower bauds, parity=none, odd. Only thing I haven't tried was even parity. How is your Serial Port Setup configured?
  2. Logicmaster 90 on Win XP

    Hi Steve, RSLinx is not on this computer, but am aware of the issue you mentioned. LM 90 is version 9.04. I am able to comm with TI/Siemens using this laptop with no problems. Thanks for your reply. I can't think of any reason why it should not be working! Jimmy
  3. Logicmaster 90 on Win XP

    Greetings All, I am also having problems Communicating with LM90 using XP. Tried the Win95 mode with no change. Am using default comms port settings and should be able to connect using the cable - AS693232SNP, which has built-in RS-232 converter and both LEDs blink. The laptop's comm port is known good. I am assuming the two PLCs I am trying have good ports, but that could be the problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. ~Jimmy
  4. PV Firmware on PCMCIA

    Thanks for the reply. I looked at the link -- it applies to non-enhanced PVs. The 1400e will not work with Panelbuilder 32 and I'm pretty sure the only way to update the firmware is the utility on the Panelbuilder 1400 disk. Yes, I'm sure a 32 MB card would hold the firmware, but that seems like overkill. If AB does not specify size of card for firmware storage, seems like any and all should work 256 to . After all, it is only the firmware, not a big application, right? AHHH!!! I just found my answer: I was looking in the User Manual for reference to card sizes and found under the specs that the PCMCIA card is used for PV1200 series F and above, "1.75 MB for firmware; application storage up to 2.25 MB for enhance F and above terminals." That's some BIG FIRMWARE!
  5. PV Firmware on PCMCIA

    Hi Ken, Many thanks for the reply. The firmware did install via serial to the terminal. Oddly it failed to download from a PC, but using my laptop it worked. Same PC works fine with RSLinx serial and other serial. The error occurred when it was clearing memory of the terminal and same for the card. I will try the suggestion for clearing the card's memory. That sounds like a good idea. New LCD screens on the 1400e would look good!
  6. PV Firmware on PCMCIA

    I tried loading the firmware for a PV1400e from the Panelview Firmware Utility to a PCMCIA card (2711-NM12 - 1MB Memory Card) and it failed saying "Error 11: The memory is not large enough to hold the new firmware. Use a PCMCIA card with larger memory." It seems that 1meg should be big enough for firmware, but I guess not. Does anyone know what size of card I need for the firmware?
  7. DTAM Plus Problem

    Problem solved! I had a scrap unit with good keypad membrane, which was the culprit. Of course, the "Operator Quit Acknowledged" should have said "Set the DIP switches, Dip!".
  8. DTAM Plus Problem

    Hi, The DTAM does not respond to any keypad entries. I tried reloading firmware but the unit will not communicate - comes back saying "Operator Quit Acknowledged". I'm guessing it's little brains are fried. Anybody out there ever seen this? Jimmy
  9. Download problem to AB DTAM Plus 2707-V40P2

    Sounds to me like one of the Comms driver ICs has failed. I would say you need a repair. That's my job. Jimmy
  10. 1747-L20C Issues

    Thanks Ken. I found that my communication problem was largely due to a conflict of a change in motherboard/RAM and my 1747-PIC. I switched to using the PCMK driver for DH485 and had no problem logging onto the L20D and programmed it fine. Maybe my PIC was pic-ky about only using 80MB of RAM running W2K. Jury is still out on the firmware. If you look at the cases of both L20D and L20C they both say FRN 6. I will be spending some more time on this and will come back with what I find for future reference. ~JCW
  11. 1747-L20C Issues

    Two issues regarding a problem with a 1747-L20C. It had been pulled from scrap with no firmware IC. I had an L20D and so decided to try and see if that firmware would work. When trying to copy a program configured for the L20C, RSLogix 500 says "Downloading Program - (TEST) for 1747-L20C/F ... to (DEFAULT) 1747-L20A... This would indicate that the firmware made the processor think it was a 1747-L20A, yet it works in the L20D. Regarding programming, I'm in a catch-22 situation. Attempting to program the 1747-L20C using a 1747-PIC and RSLogix 500, RSLinx sees the processor as a SLC500 with no problems. Memory was reset to default on the L20C, so when trying Who Active Go Online, I get a window saying "Corrupted Processor". If I try downloading to the L20C, I get the message about it being an L20A, asking if I want to procede with the download. I answer YES, and then get "Download Failed! - Communication Errors!" So, as you can see, it won't go online while only having the default program and won't accept a download while being corrupt, therefore there is no way to go online and clear faults or anything. The RSLogix 500 program definitely supports the 1747 processors as they are all listed in the selection under Controller Properties - so I don't think it is an issue requiring upgrade of software. I did ask the AB distrib if they can supply a new firmware IC for my L20C, but have not heard back from them yet. So, I am confused, my software is confused and my processor is confused. Please, if anyone out there is NOT confused, maybe I can get this to work - or maybe not. Any help is greatly appreciated James C. Williams
  12. Panelview Plus 600

    ________________________________________________________________ Wow! So far you've gotten several replies with lots of heavy tecnobabble! By now you have either gone through several bottles of ibuprofen (or stronger!), or you may have done the smart thing and made the job someone elses headache. Just to verify, the above information is correct - you do need a SLC5/05 processor; however, Panelbuilder 32 works with the PV600 - don't know about Plus. That's about all the help I have to offer, other than meditation and medication. NEVER GO TO RADIO SHACK!!! Order whatever you might buy from them online, from anyone else (rant suppressed). I'm currently undergoing my own grueling self-education on ethernet, attempting to test a PV600. Anyone else have any advice for a simple test?
  13. PV1000 Communication Troubles

    Seems like since the 600 and the 1000 have same comms ports (232 and RIO) the setup should be the same.
  14. PV1000 Communication Troubles

    Am FRUSTRATED, trying to download an application from PanelBuilder 32 (ver 3.71) to a PanelView 1000 (Cat# 2711-T10G8, Ser D), using RS-232 (from real port). PB32 uses PFTSERV.DLL and PVDF1F32.DLL as it's communication panel. The printer terminal is disabled on the PV. Cable, serial port and software verified good by up/downloading to/from PV600 with no problems. When downloading to the PV, PB32 shows that it is starting the download, as does the terminal. Both show the process get to 3% (512 bytes of 14522 transferred) and stop. Terminal displays "File not supported"; software displays "Application file is incompatible type", then gives error 4091. Also will not upload the original program residing in the terminal. I'm trying to download an application modified from a PV900 to work on the 1000. It worked fine with the 900. I actually have two PV1000s and both do the same, so am doubtful of it being a firmware issue (one has earlier firmware, the other more recent). Am I just not holding my tongue right? Are the planets aligned in such a way to screw up communication? Do I need to throw it in the pond? Any suggestions? Thanks, Jimmy