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  1. BITS N BYTES, even your words help me brighten my day.
  2.  [Solved] I confirm that updating HMI Runtime to version 1.15 it's the solution. It's a new feature, but in the manual it's not specified the release requirement.
  3. Hello, I'm using a panel NA5-12W101 with Sysmac Studio (64 bit) version 1.43, i need the same thing, i found the answer in attached page, but i can't find any "Properties Window" related to a user alarm. Where is it?   v118_na_series_programmable_terminal_software_users_manual_en_182.pdf
  4. I am new to Omron Sysmac Studio. I know how to raise and clear an alarm in a bit of the PLC, and view and acknowledge it in the HMI. I need to write a bit in the PLC when the alarm is acknowledged from HMI, i can do it with the event Acknowledged of each single alarm, but i don't want to write thousands of different expression. Is it possible to write the event acknoledged in an array using as index a variable related to the alarm? Something always the same for all alarms, like a variable array TAG_LIST_ACK(INDEX_ALARM) with the variable INDEX_ALARM a pointer to the single alarm.