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  1. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Hi,Lipton Which version of SysmacStudio do you use,32bit or 64bit? If there is not enough RAM in your OS,it will cause the programmer very slow. Change the version and expand the RAM in personal computer are worked for me Besides,if too plenty temportary project in Sysmacstudio,it will also use out some RAM.
  2. EEPROM Error

    Hi,Rodney My purpose is using the TwinCAT3 to control the Omron servo driver 1s though EtherCAT. That's why I used the Backoff  software TwinCAT3 ,not Omron SysmacStudio.
  3. EEPROM Error

    Hi,viman The Omron drive type is R88D-1SN02H-ECT. I pressed the button which called EEPROM update in Backoff  TwinCAT3. I tried to use the initialize function through the NJ/NX PLC withe EtherCAT commnication, But there was no work that I couldn't press the "OK" button. Here are informations as attachment.
  4. EEPROM Error

    Hello,I am Danneil. I had a problem with 1s EEPROM. I used the TWINCAT 3  online mode to control 1s Ready,JOG,MoveAbs all are ok. But I made a silly operation that I press the "update the EEPROM" function ,after that I can't control by TwinCAT3. Even I used the SysmacStudio ,there was an error 88 03 on 1s.  The ESI  files    From: https://www.fa.omron.co.jp/member/product/tool/23/esi/download.htm Is there a good way to solve?     Thank you!