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  1. Sysmac Studio IAG's

    Hi all, I'm trying to implement a paramertized pop-screen in the NA5 series.  Like how the placeholders work in an AB Panelview-Plus.  It's a bit like how a function works with parameters passed to it.  The screen has for example several controls of various types, buttons lamps, title string etc.  These can be parameterized with placeholders to be replaced at runtime with some other calling object (button).  In the AB software they use #1,#2, #3 etc.  The parameter could be the entire tag or even part of a tag - e.g. #1_Start, #1_Stop or #1.Start.  That kind of thing.  The parameters are sent from calling pushbuttons that show the screen and send it's set of parameters.  So a single screen can control a whole bunch of motors for example.  The #1 might get replaced with M1 or M2 or Motor4.  However you have aranged the tags in the PLC. My question is, can Omron's IAG function do this?  I have tried and made one work but only by setting the parameters at design time on the screen.  I can't work out how to replace the tags in the imported IAG object with parameters sent from something - like an action button or some vb code somehow.  Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?  I am total newbie to Omron's Sysmac software, an old hand in the AB world. Cheers   
  2. Access to program internal variables?

    Hi, so I'm not as up-to-speed on the standards as I can see you clearly are so I'll take your advice there.  Still remains that their software is compliant and it can do this.. Var.  Pgm1:  MyLocalTag1 - set as as "Public" Var.  Pgm2: MyLocalTag1 - set as "Public" (or Local Only) if only one direction required Now, in Pgm2 a line of ST code can be... If \Pgm1.MyLocalTag1 > MyLocalTag1 Then..  whatever logic..  Note the backslash "\".  I don't see an issue.  The tag is still registered in the Pgm1 program local tags, but since it's "Public", it can be accessed from other Programs.  It keeps the code "cleaner" IMO.  Anyway,  we won't see that anytime soon - I do agree.  Cheers  
  3. Access to program internal variables?

    Sure - as far as I'm aware, Rockwell's Logix 5k series software is all IEC 61131 compliant.  That said it's low bar.  Using the similarly configured statements that are present in the standard, a shopping trolley could be considered a "car"  It has four wheels and can steer.  Most other functions are considered "additional". I know I'm stretching it but it's along those lines. Anyway - If you have ever used the functions, I can tell you for sure the penny will drop - believe me it does make perfect sense. 
  4. Access to program internal variables?

    Hi and hear hear!  I know this is a long time since your inquiry but this is spot on - I too have used that exact feature in Logix5k - once you use it, it makes perfect sense.  Just wondered if you ever managed to get anywhere with it in the Omron or did you have to relent and just use Globals?  Obviously this now 4 yrs on and Omron still haven't caught on. I'm using their newer NX1 PLC - still the same!  Next I would ask Omron to consider the magic of an "ALIAS" tag. For those still trying to think why - just think of 2 or more indentical machines in the same PLC.  Clearly each one in will be in a separate program.  But there are still many reasons why you might want to access some of the other machines tags, without making them global.  That way the 2 programs are absolutely identical!
  5. File Copy for NX/NJ

    Thank you - makes sense now
  6. File Copy for NX/NJ

    Hello, I have used RSlogix5K for years and I am now creating NX/NJ PLC program.  Is there a similar command to 'COP', which can copy ALL the data from a structured variable to either another equivalent structured variable or to a data array of some kind - e.g. a byte array?  I thought the MemCopy command might do this but I believe it only handles arrays, not structured vars. Many Thanks Graeme