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  1. Syntax problems with Indexed / Indirect variables

    Thanks alot Ron, I'm not sure exactly why that worked that time but it did. I tried that same syntax for the COP commands but it did'nt work. Must be something about the calculation for the offset. Thanks again. Statistics: Before: Memory Used 6598 Instructions 4822 Instruction Words Left After: Memory Used 5415 Instructions 6005 Instruction Words Left Save Record Indexing Fixed.pdf
  2. Syntax problems with Indexed / Indirect variables

    I will post it, it's rather long but ok. The pertinent subroutines are 30-33. Thanks, 0500-179-0604.RSS
  3. I am having a really tough time getting this program working. I have been through the AB programming manual and tried their examples but I keep getting errors when I compile (offline). I am using RSLogix 500 v.7.2, and a 1747-L542C CPU (5/04) OS 401. I would really like this to work as I am running out of memory due to the recipe functions. The structure is: N13:0 through N13:255 is the working recipe data, words and bits. When a recipe is saved or loaded the index value is sent from the panel view to the subroutine and the appropriate action is taken, all 256 words are transferred in two stages. This works but I have up to 100 separate lines of code depending on which recipe is being saved or which is being loaded (another 100 lines). If this indirect addressing is possible then I could cut the lines way down. Any help would be appreciated. Save Recipie Error.pdf Save Record Indexing Problem.pdf
  4. Converting Panel Builder 1200 to Panel Bulder 1400e

    I don't know if anyone else has replied to this but attached is the converted program in PB1400e. Just rename and enjoy. CL6935PVC.txt
  5. Texas Instruments 520c-1102

    The software is TI-Soft (v7.2) now obsolete, but you may be able to find a copy somewhere. Cable for 500 CPU: PC End (DE9S): Jumper 1-6-4, 7-8: PLC End (DB25P) Jumper 6-8-20, 4-5 Then: PC 2 to PLC 2, PC 3 to PLC 3, PC 5 to PLC 7. Cable for 545 CPU: PC End (DE9S): Jumper 1-6-4, 7-8: PLC End (DE9S) Jumper 1-4-6, 7-8 Then: PC 2 to PLC 3, PC 3 to PLC 2, PC 5 to PLC 5.
  6. Serail port to data storage device

    http://www.mangiapane.com/modules.htm Check this one out for the SLC
  7. "Real" Serial Port Add-on

    I really don't have a problem with most AB software, I generally use a PCMK card to communicate, but my Keyspan also works for DF1. My problems have been with TI-Soft-- I had to set up a virtual machine to use the Keyspan as Com1, which works okay. Just the other day I tried to up load a PV1000E and could not communicate from RSLinks 2.51 to the HMI. I also cannot get Automation Direct software to use the Keyspan, and there are other legacy programs (DOS) that really need a built in Com port. From what little I have been able discover, a PCMCIA serial card functions just like a built in port. I'm not sure this applies to an express card though.
  8. "Real" Serial Port Add-on

    I would like some comments on adding an Express Card/serial adapter used with a PCMCIA to Express Card adapter. I have an older Dell Latitude and the built in serial port has failed. I am using a Keyspan usb to serial adapter, but this does not work for all applications. My thought is to buy an Express Card Serial Adapter and a PCMCIA to Express Card Adapter to use in the Dell until such time as I need to get a new laptop, in which case I can just use the Express Card to Serial Adapter. Thanks Guy
  9. Triggering a Trend Graph In PV+

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a trend in PV+ which only records during a specific trigger. Specifically, I want to show and save a trend of the Pressure vs time for an inject cycle which occurs only every few minutes and lasts for only a few seconds.
  10. Card Reader for AB 5/04 & PLC 5/20

    I would like some thoughts and information on using a serial magnetic card reader with the above AB processors. The card reader would be for operator identification / parameter access. Our machines currently have three access levels, one just allows operators to view the set-up parameters, another allows supervisors to change setup parameters, and another OEM level where we can change PLC constants. Level two is currently reached via key switch, OEM level is reached via the same key switch and HMI password (On PV1000 / SLC 5/04). The customer now wants his operators to use their ID badges to log into the press. I envision that this login would be transferred to the new network, compared to a list and then the appropriate security level would be sent back to the press. This way we could differentiate between regular operators and supervisors and maintenance people, basically overriding the key switch. The system will be networked, probably DH+. Thanks