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  1. memory error

    hai, anyone know what the meaning of "ERR" in unpaired content in the picture?
  2. Hai. now I trying to make a test, which is want to convert HEX ASCII character into binary. #3131 (HEX ASCII) -->> 11 (binary) but it's not working, it's still not converted and still #3131 in DM20. I could not find the mistakes. 
  3. How to convert ascii to real number or bcd

    Thank You, very much Mr@Wasan , thank you for enlighten me.. now I get the idea of it. Now I'm able to create 01000000 without separate it.
  4. Now I working on omron CP1H PLC, i'm receiving ASCII number from another PLC which is something like this  "#3031 #3030 #3030 #3030" which mean 01000000. How to convert the ascii number to real number or bcd without separate them? I know how to convert them which is using HEX but its turn out the number will separate into this 0100  and 0000.