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  1. HMI Alternative to NA-Series

    I will take a look at this HMI. thx
  2. Hello, I guess everyone knows the current availability situation with electronic parts. Due to this reason I'am looking for alternatives for the Omron NA-Panel series. I'am curious if you guys already made some good or bad experiences with third party HMIs in combination with NJ/NX PLCs. It would be a pleasure if you could indicate some brands that will work.   Thank you in advance.
  3. This is correct. It seems ( at least thats what I think ) that the coupler works as an EtherCat Hub and the cards act like an own line of nodes. This works for me but I'am new to the beckoff coupler and sysmac topis as well. I'll add information if I have any new things to say about this.   greets
  4. Hey, correct me if I'am wrong but it sounds like you have only installed the esi file of the coupler itself. There are esi files for the cards too. These should have the correct PDO map settings that you are looking for.   greetings.
  5. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    As soon as I read your post this morning I tried to plug in an USB-Stick and the file manager detected the SD-Card. Thank you for that. For the future I use an USB-Stick and not the SD-Card. The best solution would be that we have the ability to access the SD-Card or USB Stick directly via ftp. (kind of like in the machine controllers)  
  6. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    Hello, first time implementing an IAG and I can't get the filemanager running. I do have an datalog running which is saving on the SD Card and I have to move it to the FTP to access it. So the filemanager IAG seems to have a problem with the detection of the SD-Card. Do I have to declare some special variables that I am missing? I can't see any codes in the IAG - is this a normal thing or is something wrong?