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  1. FTV ME Parameter tag to PLC

    That does work but here is the thing, I've got 20 pumps and can only run 1 macro from the pump screen. So when I select which pump I want to look at from the main screen, I then load the parameter file for that pump and load the pump screen. So in my parameter file, I'm pulling up my tag #105 which is a 1 to 20 depending on what tag I have in the parameter file. But then I need to write that number to the PLC. If I had FTView ME, I think it wouldn't be this hard, but I dont.
  2. Here is what I have. I have a Parameter file that is called when a button is pressed. In that file, I have #105={Pump1} where the internal tag Pump1 is a retentative integer of 1 in my tag file. I am wanting a macro to write the value of #105 to a PLC tag we will call {[PLC]ParameterInUse} (dint type), this would be called when a certain screen is showing on the HMI. I have multiple parameter files, all with parameter #105 but looking at different internal tags Pump1 = 1, Pump2 = 2, etc.. I can make the macro writes a known number is my PLC tag but when I put in my macro expression block tag {#105} it always gives me errors when I test it with the PLC. Is there anyway to write that internal tag to a PLC tag. Keeping in mind i'm using FTView ME v12.0 and the latest Studio5000 version 33. I know that tag {#105} is writing correctly the number 1, 2, etc because I put a numeric display on the screen so I could visually check that it is bringing up the correct #105.