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  1. Byte Level Data Move

    Thanks for the reply Gambit! I failed to mention that I'm using GX Works 2, in simple project format. (It's the Customers spec) I've worked with GX Works 2 quite a bit, but the only way I've ever done anything similar to this is using the WTOB/BTOW instructions. I have some code that I can make work. It's just in this particular case I have quite a few words of data that are going to be like this (divided upper and lower values) so I was hoping Mitsubishi had an instruction that I'm just not aware of to do this.
  2. Byte Level Data Move

    Hey guys,  I am currently working on an application with a Q series PLC where I would like to move decimal values into the upper and lower byte of a memory address (word) independently. For example lets say that: Servo Force = D100 Lower byte (D100.0 - D100.7) Servo Speed = D100 Upper Byte (D100.8 - D100.F)   I want to move 50 into the lower byte for 50% force, and 5000 into the upper byte for 50.00mm/s. What is the best/easiest way to accomplish this? Also, these values will change from model to model, so what I would like to do is setup something like a move instruction so that I can quickly update these values on the fly, but also independent of one another. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!