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  1. Dear Wasan, Thank you so much for your effort, it works fine, if you have in youtube channel or some other way to donate some money I would like to do it for your help.   Best regrads,   Gehngiz
  2. Dear Wasan.   I used function code 3, it works fine. I can read some values. But when I am using function code 6 its showing error 255,11. I am using both codes 3 and 6 same time.     Best regards,   Gehngiz
  3. Dear Wasan.   Thank you so much for your answer, i have one more question. How i can adjust power by putting value its mention between 25-100. Have to I put it in function code 3?   Best regards,   Gehngiz
  4. Hello,   Any one  have idea how to read and write variable for Schneider tm221 plc with Modbus function codes 3,6,16. I attached file for power supply communicator with registers, I need to adjust power supply from 25% up to 100. Please need help. Best regards,   Chyngyz   Modbus OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.pdf