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  1. no, the variable is only used as read. But i might delete array of sdt and replace it with several sdts. Because i do not have good experience with arrays and gx works 2. :D and those two for loops i will just rewrite manually as the array itself is not that big, only twenty elements. or i will use of index registers.

  2. Hello everybody,

    i have some uncertainties going through my head. i am fairly new in PLC word, graduated last year, last 12 month i did project on Siemens PLCs, but now i have to expand my view with Mitsubishi.


    i am working on project with several conveyors. for each conveyor type i have FB fairly similar to my FB in siemens. For all conveyor i am using same sdt containing 32 bits. So a have array[0..20]  of said sdt. But in fb i was not able to copy item from array, through input var containing index of that item to vocal variable, which i wanted to write back to the array at the end of fb. I tried different approach ->  using item from array *** input/output.  When monitoring item from array i can see, that variables i change in got2000 panel are in fact changing. But when i monitor fb itself, those same variables are not changing.

    i reworked this fb several times, for example when i found out that FB variables FB FXcpu cannot be set as retain so i would like to use it and i see no other way than make this fb work. :D

    2. Is there possibility to us FB in another FB? I remember that i read some restriction about this, but now, i cannot find it.

    Thank you everybody for your responses