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  1. Fanuc Robot backup

    Depends on what model controller you have on the robot. RJ needs software and a cable RJ2 some need software and cable while other can be done with the PCMCIA Slot, it all depends on when it was made RJ3 can be done either way
  2. TEAM Industries MN

    My brother works there and likes it. He was telling me that the company is in the middle of management changes. I have heard good things and also bad things about the company from him.
  3. Semi-tool Storm Machines

    It is used to wash plastic molded parts for the silicon wafers. They are kind like a great big dish washer.
  4. Here's the condition of the robot: -controller working, with green LEDs lighting and no error LEDs -pendant showing screens, but with following alarms: -SRVO - 062 / BZAL BATTERY ZERO - BZAL external/E-stop - Hand broken To get rid of the BZAL battery alarm, you need to reset the pulse coder alarm after you replace the batteries. This is found under the Mastering menu, it should be F3 (SPC Reset). The robot needs to be powered down and than back up. It sounds like whoever had the robot before you had a external E-STOP switch and didn't put the jumpers back in. On the door of the controller there is a Emergency stop control board, on that board there is a terminal strip. EMGIN1 needs to have a jumper to EMGINC and EMGIN2 needs to have a jumper to EMGINC as well. There is a jumper that also needs to be put in for the Hand Broken, I can't remember off the top of my head where it is at. I have to look it up at work to tell ya the exact location. Hope this helps ya out a little. Darryl
  5. Is there anybody here that is using the Storm Machines? Thanks Darryl
  6. WinTPE and R-J2?

    I have the full blown program and find it useful for modify the programs real quick and easy. I haven't tried to sit dow and write a whole program with it yet, still prefer to write the program right there at the machine.