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  1. Hi, I have inherited an older serverroom where an Exter T100 is being used to monitor the environment with temperature,water-on-floor, cooling-machines etc. Basically I have two question. 1. I need to change the IP of the T100, and it seems that I need the Information Designer software. My Google fu have gotten me nowhere. Anybody in this form able to provide a copy of the software? 2. The existing project in the T100 have all these values that I want to monitor with another external monitoring tool, PRTG. From what I can read, the T100 can have installed/enabled a little webserver and store HTML pages that contain real-time data. If I could somehow the alle the values in a CSV/XML/JSON format then I could create a little script to parse the information. Anyone every tried this or have a good idea on how to implement?  No matter what, the Beijer Information Designer software is needed, so hopefully someone can point be in the right direction. Thanks      
  2. Beijer Exter T100 IP change and download request

    Ok - have now gotten it to work as I wanted. 1. I wanted to change the IP, this is only doable with Beijer Information Designer software. It requires a licens, but after contacting Beijer support they gave links to a demo and transfer version of Information designer. the demo cannot transfer the project to or from the Exter display, the transfer version can. But the transfer version can not change in the project. But combined you can do it. https://www.beijerelectronics.com/en/support/Help___online?code=FEC84AE7-FAB5-4D0D-853D-18AE62370B6E you can download both versions.  2. I wanted to get real-time output of the values from the Exter display. The display have a build-in web and ftp server. You can enable them, then use FTP to edit the index.html file and the webserver will then server the index.html on http://<ExterDisplayIp>:80. After I downloaded the project from the Exter screen I could open the project in information designer demo software and find the values of each of the values I wanted to have shown. In the HTML file I need to call some CGI scripts with the IO value, when the index.html is then rendered it will show the value of the specified IO. I googled for beijer-programming-guide.pdf and found a PDF telling how to use the CGI. Below my content of index.html to get the output that I wanted. Now my PRTG installation can monitor the environment. { "prtg": { "result": [ { "channel": "k1-201 front temp", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn D391"-->", "float": "1", "unit": "custom", "customunit": "celsius" }, { "channel": "k1-201 back temp", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn D418"-->", "float": "1", "unit": "custom", "customunit": "celsius" }, { "channel": "k1-202 temp", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn D419"-->", "float": "1", "unit": "custom", "customunit": "celsius" }, { "channel": "cooler1 status", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn M2114"-->", "limitmode": "1", "limitminerror": "1" }, { "channel": "cooler2 status", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn M2115"-->", "limitmode": "1", "limitminerror": "1" }, { "channel": "cooler3 status", "value": "<!--#exec cgi="/get_device.fn M2116"-->", "limitmode": "1", "limitminerror": "1" } ], "text": "" } }