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  1. Omron C200H CN225 Cable

    Hi Again I have gotten all the plugs, but not even able to power the unit on. do you know which pins are for the power? thanks
  2. Omron C200H CN225 Cable

    Thanks! Yes I was hoping to find online, but I havent been able to find that many, only a few for around $400.....
  3. Omron C200H CN225 Cable

    Thank you for this! My IDC plug actually only has white wires, would it be safe to assume that it would be in this pin out order? Wouldn't want to risk it as these are soo old and difficult to get a hold off. IDC to J016A 10   PNK/BLK 9 9  PNK/RED 1 8   YEL/BLK 10 7   YEL/RED 2 6   WHT/BLK 11 5   WHT/RED 3 4   GRY/BLK 12 3   GRY/RED 4 2   TAN/BLK 13 1   TAN/RED 5 Oh, and btw the J016A plug is from Fujitsu  FCN-361J016-AU Thanks again! 
  4. Omron C200H CN225 Cable

    Hi Io_RACK Thanks for that! You are a life saver for this. According to Omron they never had the Pinout available for this cable, which is very strange, as usually they do. The Cable has actually been cut, so I have the IDC plug, but not the plug for the TV101. Attached is a drawing of both plugs, and pins, could you trace the pinout for me please? Also, do you happen to know what plug it is that goes into the TV101? https://ibb.co/b7MYbLs
  5. Omron C200H CN225 Cable

    Hi Guys I have a old setup, a C200H with TV101's. I have the data settings controller (C200H-DSC019 as well, but I dont have the cable between them. The cable part number is C200H-CN225 or C200H-CN425 https://www.edata.omron.com.au/eData/PLCs/C200H_SIOU/W241-E1-03A.pdf Does anyone here have drawings for the cable, or have the cable and can help me out with it? thanks!