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  1. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Hi Scotty library project has version number that maybe can help you a little bit on the way same thing with IAG    maybe it could be a way to read out library version with code and display in hmi I dont know
  2. PLC/HMI Program build revision

    Hello Scotty. If you combine Sysmac with git and do your program in libraries & IAG' you can set your own verision number for each library you create or update, then you can track changes in the code and you can track your own developed libraries & IAG's     /Best Regards 
  3. @photovoltaic thank you. Hi @panic mode there is a existing network infrastructure on this site and we need to add two new cpu on this network( NX we don't do siemens), to get remote access  we will use port 2 on NX102 connected to this huge profinet network also communicate with PC application with FINS on port 2 /Best Regards 
  4. Hello    I have a question regarding a network infrastructure I hope someone has experience with this My self has very litte knowledge about Profinet.   So there is this site that are running a huge Profinet network and we wonder if it possible to connect two new plc on the profinet network and communicate EthernetIP between the two new NX102 cpus ?   Regarding profinet documention I havent found any limitation to do this, Profinet can coexist with all other ethernet based protocol ? /Best Regards 
  5. Lenze i950

    Hello everybody. We have situation when trying to control a Lenze i950 drive from the Omron CPU NX102 using the CIA 402 CSP protocol with one motion axis configured on a 2ms task. On the drive is it a motor + resolver connected to lenze drive. EtherCAT communication is up and running and we are enable to run the motor with bad results.  behaviors we see is wrong actual speed from drive, hard stopping in the drive, oscillation when the drive is standing still, overshooting the target. running better when send lower velocity to the drive. First the scaling is off at least regarding velocity, As we do the scaling in the omron cpu 65536/Work travel distance per motor rotation and I am 100% sure it is correct. First time I am in contact with this drive, is there any out here that has experience with this Lenze I950 drive and their software's and able to give any idea what can be wrong ?  I have one feeling that there is some scaling being done inside the lenze drive aswell or wrong resolution somewhere. Have been in contact with the local lenze support without any progress  /Best regards  i950 BS-STO - TA CiA402_192_168_200_14_C01_TC2.gdc
  6. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    I would suggest to revert to each merge and see when this issue occurs,  When doing conflict solving it is important that is done locally within sysmac, Unfortunately It is not possible  to resolve a conflict in the remote repo or similar. The merge will be ok but you will loose important meta data that sysmac itself is creating during conflict solving and merging. And when you will open the project after remote merge / conflict solving the chance is bigger that this issue will pop up during opening of the project.   I know it sucks,I also want the be able to do remote merging and conflict solving in near future, but  doing that now it will increase the chance to corrupted sysmac project. 
  7. SysmacStudio Team Development issue

    Hi @scotty134  are you doing merges in the remote repo like github,gitlab,bitbucket ?    /Regards 
  8. Hello @scotty134 we have bought the Team development feature from Omron it is very helpful to use git within large project and several developers. Almost a must have tool to have for manage software department. But we have several inhouse development libraries and we want to unittest them before we release the library to production code in the remote reop or some other solution like CI-toolchain.   /Regards 
  9. Hello. Iam wondering if anyone here has successful set up a CI-Server together with sysmac studio team foundation (git) ? We want to adopt unit testing workflow of the libraries like the picture.  I see that some developers has been using jenkins to automate together with Beckhoff Or B&R and siemens it looks like they have their on solution. Or if anyone has some thoughts how it could be done with sysmac .       /Best Regards 
  10.  @photovoltaic Thank you very much for your feedback, It is much appreciated  
  11. Hello. We are looking for a safety scanner that has CIP safety(Ethernet IP) or fSoE (Safety over etherCAT) that is combability with sysmac and NX102 cpu. There is a lot of safety scanners on the market that support CIP safety and fSoE and I have tried to load in both EDS  and ESI files into sysmac with no succes. Of course the best option would be that OS32C safety scanner from Omron themselves would have build in support for Cip safety at the moment it only support ethernetIP to read out data for diagnostics.   Is there anyone that is running a safety scanner with sysmac with CIP safety or fSoE ?  If you do I would be very happy to receive the brand from the safety scanner manufacture.   /Best regards.
  12. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Yes I also want only one project all in one and gets the pros of integrated enironment. It is a very nice feature but when your automation projects get larger in will increase the openning time of project. /Regards.
  13. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    I wonder if in your application/machine running the HMI's in a seperate sysmac projectfile and the PLC in a other. for example HMI is one smc2 file, the plc's are another smc2 file, if you use the NX-CSG320 then that is also a smc2 and your application is total 3 smc2 files. /Regards
  14. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    Iam running 1.44. @Artz I agree with you. In your sysmac project is there Safety,PLC,HMI into one file ?
  15. Sysmac Studio IDE Very Slow

    yep the offline coding is pretty ok for me. but when I start sysmac and open my project it is super slow. Online programming such as synchronize,rebuild,downloading,uploading whatever I do online. is slow. When making HMI programming, etc switch between object properties is a disaster for me.