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  1. Upload failed

    The cpu is CPX 782 I have tried laptops with either lm90 or proficy 7 in serial port2  The key on top is set to off
  2. Upload failed

    The proficy was on laptop,  usb to 15pin serial.   Lm90 is on vme slotted computer with 90_70  
  3. Upload failed

    I returned to jobsite: LM90: i can upload reference tables only. anything else checked returns: S94 connected plc or communications port does not support the service request. Proficy 7.0 build 5517: again only upload reference tables. Error 8097 Controller Error - Illegal request code (0x01)(0x00) The selected memory could not be uploaded from the connected device.   Any body ever have this?  
  4. Upload failed

    Hi I am working on a 90-70 plc and having trouble with uploading the code. I can connect with either lm90 or proficy 7 but not able to upload code. i checked under permissions and have level 4. I can monitor the code only not able to go online due to code not equal. when I try to upload it throws a error .