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  1. I was using this to test a servo. Not a school project lol. I am new to Studio 5000. I am new to ladder logic as well. Its true, I don't fully understand ladder logic at all yet. B) I see, I can make my outputs not series. C) So am I not able to use SEED_STOP_O multiple times? I am trying to tell my servo controller to stop. And I want to stop it when it hits my limit sensors. How should I approach this? D) Yeah why not???? How else am I going to tell my servo controller when it should stop? I am building a machine. My servo controller uses basic inputs and outputs for operation. You don't seem that smart yourself. I just started learning PLC programming, so enough of your condescending comments. Helpful comments only.  
  2. How is that odd? How is that related to my problem?
  3. Hello All, I am new to Studio 5000. I am trying to have my limit sensors energize my stop output, and also have a manual bit that I can toggle that will energize the stop output as well. Currently, toggling my manual bit works for energizing the stop output, but my limit sensors turning on does not energize my stop output. Not getting what I want with or without the ONS. What is going on??? Thanks, Daniel