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  1. Micro850 failed whit the plug-in modules

    Of course I checked that! I discover something, let me explain it, I have another micro850 but this one doesn't update the firmware and the modules run! Do you know how can load an older firmware?
  2. Micro850 failed whit the plug-in modules

    Hi! Thanks for helping me, I attach some photo and videos. I really don't know what happen. In the manual the most of the plugins could be plug in any location. The problem starts when I add some plugin module. I share by wetransfer   Link:
  3. Hi everyone! I have some problems with the plug-in modules. Let me explain it, when I want to add some plug-in module in the software and download the program to the PLC, it shows me a fail which is:  "F0B1 --> The plug-in /O module configuration does not match the actual I/O configuration detected. The extended fault code is 0x0000." --> this is for the digital input module error "F0E1" --> It is for the serial module   I have checked the manual and it is a recoverable fault but I have done everything that the manual says but I didn't have success. I have tried with a digital input (2080-iq40), analog input (2080-iq40) and with the serialisol module. Also I have followed the steps that the manual says for plug in and plug out but I didn't know what happen