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  1. MELSEC iQ F FX5U and MR-JE-_C CC-link

    There is no other connections. Yes, I can ping amplifier.
  2. MELSEC iQ F FX5U and MR-JE-_C CC-link

    Doesn't have any security settings. It's basic switch, like one on the picture
  3. MELSEC iQ F FX5U and MR-JE-_C CC-link

    I am using switch. Tried other ports, cables and other switch, nothing change. Connection with switch works when I write to PLC, only doesn't work with amplifier.
  4. MELSEC iQ F FX5U and MR-JE-_C CC-link

    I already set up everything like in that webcast, except default gateway. Added that and I get the same error
  5. I am new to PLC programing, I want to connect FX5U and MR-JE-_C via CC-link. When I connect FX5U and MR-JE-_C directly everything works, but when I connect them in HUB (I need to use HUB because later I want to connect GOT2000) I am getting error 86.1(network communication error) on amplifier. Previously I set up IPs shown on pictures below, now sometimes works, sometime doesn't work and sometimes works for 30 seconds and I get same error. Did I miss something? I don't know what to try else.