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  1. PowerFlex 40 Accel Time

    Armadillo852, Yes it is possible to use different accel and decel time. What you can do is, A) If you only need two ramps. 1) Set your other accel/decel time 2. Parameter A067/A068. 2) Set A051 (Digital In# Sel) as options1 which is acc & Dec 2. This way when you enable or trigger digital In#, the drive will automatically switch to accel/decel2 ramp. Other method is to write to the drive parameters in your program. Look at this link Hope this help. PowerFlex70.ACD PowerFlex70 on Ethernet.doc
  2. Hello gurus, I have a question for my projects that it has been days I am trying to get an answer out from AB but no clue. I have a few AC /VFD Drives (Powerflex 40). and 2 huge powerflex 700S AC drive which is 300amps input that drives a 250hp motor. My Scenario is this, all these drives including smaller transformer that provide power to the plcs are going to sit on a transformer that either supply 480VAC 1500KVA or 2000KVA. Will I need an isolation transformer on the ingoing side of the powerflex 700s ac drive ? Below is a rough sketch on how the powerline is routed. transformer out plant | transformer in plant 13000V->480VAC -> | -> 480VAC -> 480VAC (1500/2000)KVA | -----> (isolation transformer "optional???") --> P700S Drives | ^-- -> 480->120 --> plc Figure above here shows the 13kV transform to 480V from the power line outside, and inside the building there is 2 more transformer , but for example we will take 1500kva transformer 480->480VAC, and then it branches to 2 way. One to the drives, and one to smaller transformer that provides power to plc. My concern is, will the AC drive dump back power to the AC line or create harmonics/voltage notch? if it does, should i put a isolation transformer? Hope this is not to complicated. Thanks
  3. DC Motor draws more current?

    Gurus, I have a question that I couldn't answer, other engineer in the plants couldn't answer, neither can AB explain why? Currently, there is a upgrading project going on. From a Fincor dc drive, to powerflex Dc drive. They are both 200 HP. The problem here is this. When the fincor drive was running, the amount of current % / torque value the motor draws is only 75%, but by using the powerflex dc drive, it draws about 135% which causes overload to the motor. Does anybody have any idea what would cause this? The motor is: RPM = 1750/2400 (running at base speed) Varm = 500V Iarm =320V Ifld = 8-4.6/4-2.3 (The drive is setup at 4Amps at 300V) Thanks, AT
  4. DC Drives : Tuning Procedure

    They are Powerflex DC Drives.
  5. DC Drives : Tuning Procedure

    Hello evreybody, I have questions on tuning dc drives. And always has been doubting what is the proper procedure. I am using 2 powerflex drives. One is master (Running as speed regulator), the other one is slave (running as torque regulator). Both of this motor are coupled on a common line shaft belted. When I first started out this project to do a auto tune on any dc drives, I disable one side of the motor as in not sending a run command to that drive, and the other motor i will do a auto tune. and vice versa. Now the question comes to , do i tune with 100% full load? or tune with 50% load? or 0% load( motor by itself only?) I tried tuning with 80% loads and the problems commes when the load drops to 20%, i'll start getting resonance in the speed loop. and i will have to readjust the speed loop gain again. So, is it better to tune without load, and start off that way instead, where we'll slowly increase the gain until it is perfectly controlled? What is the optimum way of doing it? please enlighten me. Thanks!
  6. Siemens TI 405

    Morning Gurus, I have a TI 405, and a right to left cable to connect to another rack. The main rack has PLC, power supply,IO The 2nd rack has just power supply, IO. What is happening here is when I powered up the 2nd rack with 120VAC, the power supply (power LED) is flashing along with other IO modules LEDs as well. They are flashing the same time. I left it in the rack by itself, it flashes still too. Any idea what is going on? Hope to hear from someone experienced!!! I've tried another power supply and different rack and i have the same problem. Thanks!!!
  7. Panel View Plus and associated development software.

    Hey, Regarding about this question you post, I wonder did you manage to figure out the problem, how to fix it? Hope to hear from you. Thanks, AmazingTrans
  8. hello gurus, Currently, I want to convert a fast switchig 120Vac signal to 24VDC signal. I am thinking of using optoisolators IAC. But what should i do to put things together, any resistor and capacitor in the input ? Hope to hear from someone. thank you. Johnny
  9. Ladder Logic Ideas?

    bottleman, yup you are right about hte function that you mentioned. About the link u gave me, i guess it will be a help much later. The other link determines the diameter of a roll by relating with the line speed and motor. I have idea on how to calculate the roll of the diameter because I can do a ratio of the big roll with the small roll. With every tick from the big roll, it is one turn, and with the amount of pulses that the small roll have gone through & also the circumference of the small roll, we're able to calculate the total length that have used, & from there we can use the formula C = pi*D. my problem was dealing with the counter, where I'm not sure when should I reset the small roll tick counter, and on the other hand b4 it resets I also want to calculate the diameter of the roll. Apart from that, I also need to keep the 1st roll diameter so that I am able to calculate when is the nxt time to splice the roll when the roll reaches 6cm. In my calculations I will be calculating the caliper of the paper, & the speed of the press pulling the paper too.
  10. Ladder Logic Ideas?

    Spedly; There is 1 big roller which holds a roll paper and it unwinds with the help of another machine name Infeed pulling the roll of paper. The big roll of paper goes through this small roller which detects 1/120th of a turn. The pulling of the paper from the big roll depends on the overall printing press machine. It can goes up to 2000 foot per minute. And yup you are right. Another problem is. I want to keep the 1st diameter of the roller, and then subtract the current roller diameter so that I know how much paper is left. How should I write it in order that the program keep the 1st diameter and the program doesn't keep on overwrite the 1st diameter?
  11. Ladder Logic Ideas?

    I'm Using L32E CompactLogix.
  12. Ladder Logic Ideas?

    Hey everybody... I have a logic question and might need some help in thinking about this. This machine is a splicer used for printing industry. I have 2 rollers and each of them have 2 sensor. One of the roller have a small plate on it and when the sensor detects the plate it means the roll makes 1 full turn. On the other hand, the other roller is a smaller roller that have 120tooth and xcm in circumference.The paper goes from the Big roller to the small roller, and whenever the big roller sensor detects the plate, the program will start counting the small roller tooth, then estimate the amount of paper that has gone through when the big roller sensor detects the plate again. Then the diameter will be store at Bit[1] and display at the HMI. The diameter of the roller will be resetted when it take the action of splice. The formula for finding the amount of paper has gone through is "Amount of tooth for 1 turn / 120tooth * xcm ) How can I program in an efficient ladder logic way? Hope someone can help me on this.
  13. RSLogix 5000 Emulator

    Evreyone, I tried using the RSLogix Emulate 5000 Chasis Monitor. I added in a module call the Emulator Controller. Then later I try removing it. It did not really remove but was replace by another module called the RSLinx and the tiptool description was (16#004D)Unknown Communication Adapter RsLinx Enterprise-Desktop & the given revision and serial number. What should I do to remove that module from there? Hope someone has an idea about it. thanks
  14. PLC read Potentiometer value?

    TWControl, is it possible that you can post a sample of your program? Why can't we start the minimum value from zero on the pot? Thanks everybody for all the explaination. I will try to run it.
  15. PLC read Potentiometer value?

    I have RSlogix 5000 enterprise series and compactlogix 17690IF4XOF2. How do I program in ladder logic to read the analog input voltage? Thanks