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  1. Can anyone tell me how to check fault history in Allen Bradley powerflex 40 drive?  
  2. Vfd

    @pturmelthank you sir. If you don't mind can you give me your Instagram or anyother social media id ,so I can get in touch with you easily and learn from you.
  3. Vfd

    @BobLfoot@pturmel Thank you sir. Sorry to bother you again, you have any literature regarding this topic as i want to understand it more. As I'm new at it,so I'm unable to understand it completely.
  4. Vfd

    @BobLfoot@pturmelbut why we are using both both secondary connection between of transformer for vfd?
  5. Vfd

    @BobLfoot acs800.pdf
  6. Vfd

    We have to run 1800kw motor for that purpose we have used ABB ACS800 drive , we have taken star and delta output of transformer and given to drive. For star one acb is connected with converter and than inverter and in middle is controller similar is done for delta part . Can anyone explain me why we have taken two sperate dirve cubicle.
  7. Communication

     @Ken RoachcompactLogix will control the on/off condition of drive it is using ethernet/ip
  8. Communication

     @VFD Guy My client is using that drive for mould oscillator which is communicated with their own system which comprises of compactlogix plc . I want to run that drive according to my condition which is in between 50-200 cpm but the  difficult part is that if I mess anything with the drive while communicating with ML1400 plc their whole process will stop and i do not have any deep knowledge of drive. I do not want to interfere their system as their is interlocking in their process. Can i  give the final to compactlogix (clinet plc) from my ML1400 through MSG instruction. note: i want to keep on/off of drive through their plc and only want to change analog value which they give to their drive.  The speed of drive(cpm in my case will be dyanmic)  their is constant in my program which will multiply with casting speed(analog) and their resultant will be given to drive.  
  9. communication of hmi and plc

    Hi guys, I want to  communicate simatic hmi ktp400 basic with compactlogix L24ER. Can anyone help me with it ?
  10. Communication

    Thank you sir, I will go with msg instruction
  11. Communication

    @Ken Roach  Sir actually I don't want to interfere established system which works on compactlogix. All i want to is give analog signal to drive from my system so perform defined condition. Sir actually I'm new to all this thing so I'm not aware of cyclic I/O control. Thanks for your valuable reply, today I got to learn a new concept. Thanks
  12. Wiring

    @boblfoot sir this the drawing.
  13. Wiring

    Ok I will sir
  14. Wiring

    Can anyone help with the wiring of krohne Marshall optiflux4000 and ifc100. I have gone through manual but wanted confirmation please help me you all. I can't afford making mistake that's i wanted your help.
  15. Communication

    Thanks for help sir. I appreciate your help sir 🙏