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  1. PVP 6 firmware update

    NEVERMIND - contractor told me the FTV uses its own firmware updater.  BUT that did no good, get the msg "procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library located at [actual FTV installed software path here]".  FTV uninstall / reinstall does not fix this.
  2. I've a PVP6 1250, firmware 10.001, need to flash this to take a FTV rev.12 project.  Downloaded the rev 12 firmware from the rockwell site (PVP6_700-1500_12.00-20200922), unzip, install, run controlflash and it does not see the new firmware.  ok, I see where the controlflash file needs to be a .DMK, this installed a .FUP file. Tried running controlflash plus, goes through its "loading firmware kits" and "building inventory" steps.  It does see the panelview but reports no firmware found. What am I missing, its been a handful of years since I've last done a panelview flash.  And of course I'm getting "now now now, fast fast fast, hurry, hurry, hurry, why isnt it done yet"