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  1. Here is my setup - Factorytalk view SE V 7.0 with Primary and secondary servers. System gets replicated from primary to secondary once in a week. After the primary server was restarted due to some issue, all the HMI tags lost their values. 'Retentive' checkbox was checked on all HMI tags, initial value field is blank. According to the description of 'Retentive' field in the help file, the HMI tag should hold its value even after the server is restarted if the box is checked. Also, secondary server should have held those same values while primary was rebooting, but as of now all my HMI tags field are blanks. Am I looking at a patch roll up here?
  2. Do you happen to have any kind of HMI/SCADA or input device to write values from computer to PLC?
  3. I was saying about the HMI PC computer itself, not the users. Have you added the HMI PC computer under Systems > Computers and Groups > Computers?
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I am moving both actually, with multiple MSG instructions. I am comfortable with array of reals since I have done those before. I am just not sure about UDTs.
  5. I just tried it and its working great, thank you! I want to branch out from this to one more question. How does the messaging works for UDTs in vendor PLC?  For e.g. in a usual MSG instruction Vendor_Real_Array[0] is copied to Plant_Real_Array[0] Where would Vendor_Real_Array[0].Volts will be copied to, if I don't have the same UDT in my PLC?
  6. I am copying some data from a vendor PLC through MSG instruction into my PLC through CIP data table read. Is there a better way to break down this array of data into individual real tags through an instruction (something similar to WORD_to_BIT instruction in Modicon). I was looking at FAL instruction but its not exactly doing what I am looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Once you add the HMI PC to the domain, you also need to add it to Factorytalk security in FT admin console. Right now although you have it domain, its not configured for Factorytalk security.