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  1. D220 is getting data just fine and shows the pulses per second.  In fact, they all seem to get data just fine and RealTimeRPM, our main data point of concern, gets data and shows it just fine.  The thing I'm curious about is that the variable circled in red- RevPerSec- is not SHOWING it's value in the ladder program in cx-programmer.  It must be getting data still because RealTimeRPM is calculated and shown correctly.  So the only thing I'm curious about is that RevPerSec does not DISPLAY any value other than zero in cx-programmer.  Everything else displays changes in value.
  2. Now we have a working speed sensor!  My last question about this is just for curiosity... in the screenshot, RevPerSec never shows a change from 0 even though the program is still correctly doing the math and D220 and RealTimeRPM show correct real-time values... why is this when all the variables (or memory containers) are of type INT in this case?
  3. gtsuport, thank you for your reply.  The machine number is 1.  I solved the issue by discovering that somehow the parameters for the module had gotten changed back to Circular with 0 for Maximum and 0 for Minimum.
  4. Ok.  I've been poring over the manual and have now managed to get this counter configured as a Linear counter but when I put in a 24V pulse to Counter 1 input A, it briefly counts up to 1 then resets to 0.  I have Counter 1 configured as a Pulse Up and Down counter.  There is nothing on input B (which would count down on rising edge of 24V input in this case) and I have nothing on Z input (can be configured to reset but I have set in module parameters to serve No Function.) I guess something must be immediately resetting the count but I cannot see what would be doing that.  Any/all help (from gtsuport or others) is greatly appreciated!
  5. Ok.  Got it.  Thanks for your replies gtsuport!  I'll keep digging through the manual
  6. Ok.  Thanks.  I see now that should be using the IORD PLC function.  It is still odd that PRV (and other high speed counter functions) are displaying as not recognized PLC functions in CX-Programmer though...
  7. Hi, I have found this forum extremely helpful in the past.  I greatly appreciate in advance any help/direction. I am having trouble simply placing/invoking a PRV instruction in CX-Programmer.  The program seems to not recognize really any of the High Speed Counter instructions.  (working with a CT021.  I/O table correct, CJ2H CPU67 PLC rack powered on with all green lights.) Please see attached screenshots for what I mean... the PRV, PRV2, CTBL, SPED, etc instructions just show up red (like they are not understood/recognized PLC instructions/functions) when I try to place in the ladder.  There must be something simple that I am not considering.  Thanks again for any help. Michael
  8. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Nvm... Got it!  Like you wrote above, need to make sure and understand the difference between IN and OUT allocated memory areas relative to the Master.  Thanks so much photovoltaic! 
  9. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    yep I figured that out.  Appreciate your help!  so I think this is the last thing... I can't seem to get this String Display & Input field to update on the PT... I can see it changing in the CIO memory area when I'm monitoring online with the PLC program...
  10. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Hi photovoltaic!  Ok I think I've got it!  I was attempting to share W memory but I switch to CIO and I have data going back and forth now.  The only thing left is how to reference CIO when moving data to/from in CX-programmer... C is a different memory area so thats not it and CIO is not it...
  11. Hi, I previously posted about connecting an Omron HMI to a PLC via DeviceNet.  I have managed to get them set up via CX-Integrator.  Now I am having trouble understand the shared input/output data as it pertains to controlling the PLC (CJ2H) program and vice versa (PLC program controlling the HMI.)  If, for instance, I pick a memory location, let's say W300 in the Work Area of memory, and set a toggle on the HMI to control it, it doesn't actually affect the program.  Likewaise, if I set a toggle in the PLC program to match the Controller work area memory and set it on/off, it doesn't actually change the HMI.  I have only been able to get some "artifacts" of string data to communicate one-way, one time.  Any help is appreciated!
  12. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Cool!  Thanks again
  13. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Ok.  Understood.  Thanks very much photovoltaic.  I see the article.  Where would one get the special cable?
  14. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    After talking with colleague, I'm beginning to figure out DeviceNet comm...