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  1. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Nvm... Got it!  Like you wrote above, need to make sure and understand the difference between IN and OUT allocated memory areas relative to the Master.  Thanks so much photovoltaic! 
  2. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    yep I figured that out.  Appreciate your help!  so I think this is the last thing... I can't seem to get this String Display & Input field to update on the PT... I can see it changing in the CIO memory area when I'm monitoring online with the PLC program...
  3. DeviceNet with NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Hi photovoltaic!  Ok I think I've got it!  I was attempting to share W memory but I switch to CIO and I have data going back and forth now.  The only thing left is how to reference CIO when moving data to/from in CX-programmer... C is a different memory area so thats not it and CIO is not it...
  4. Hi, I previously posted about connecting an Omron HMI to a PLC via DeviceNet.  I have managed to get them set up via CX-Integrator.  Now I am having trouble understand the shared input/output data as it pertains to controlling the PLC (CJ2H) program and vice versa (PLC program controlling the HMI.)  If, for instance, I pick a memory location, let's say W300 in the Work Area of memory, and set a toggle on the HMI to control it, it doesn't actually affect the program.  Likewaise, if I set a toggle in the PLC program to match the Controller work area memory and set it on/off, it doesn't actually change the HMI.  I have only been able to get some "artifacts" of string data to communicate one-way, one time.  Any help is appreciated!
  5. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Cool!  Thanks again
  6. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Ok.  Understood.  Thanks very much photovoltaic.  I see the article.  Where would one get the special cable?
  7. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    After talking with colleague, I'm beginning to figure out DeviceNet comm... 
  8. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Ok, cool.  Thank you.  That is very helpful.  I suspected I may have the wrong serial cable config.  When I try to use the 1:N link auto-online option in cx-integrator to connect to the HMI, it does not find it as it should if it's connected properly.  Yes, please share the correct cable pinout.  Is there one I can buy?  Should I give up on the DeviceNet approach or do you have any other ideas in that regard?   
  9. Connect NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D PT to CJ2H PLC

    Thanks for your reply photovoltaic!   Correct.  I believe I have the settings correct in CX-Integrator with routing table and all.  I've included a link to a screenshot of what I've pushed to the PLC: The major challenge I have is setting up communication within the HMI program via CX-Designer.  I've also included links to a couple of screenshots from CX-Designer, Communication Settings:,  It looks like DeviceNet is not even an option.  And, curiously, if I add a ControllerLink and close out the dialog, the next time I option communication settings, it's been moved to Ethernet.  The HMI I have doesn't have Ethernet.  So I either need to figure out DeivceNet or Serial (I've tried for longer with serial without success.)  Thanks for help!
  10. Hi, I have an Omron NSJ5-SQ00B-M3D Programmable Terminal (HMI) that I am trying to get to communicate with an Omron CJ2H PLC through a DeviceNet module (DRM21) in the main PLC rack.  I don't see how to configure CX-Designer to communicate via DeviceNet.  How is this done?  Many thanks for any help.