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  1. PanelView 600

    Thanks for the pin out information. I made cable and now I'm communication with PanelView 600 and MicroLogix 1200. Thanks to All
  2. PanelView 600

    I hope it is that easy, I don't have the 2711-NC21 cable. does anyone know for sure if this is the pin-out. I attached a picture. I'm going to make a cable tonight. I have my panelview terminal set to node 2 and my Micrologix 1200 set to node 1.
  3. PanelView 600

    Thanks rpraveenkum, I learned so far that Allen Bradley will test your wits. I have now written my panelview program and downloaded to panelview. Now I'm trying to connect panelview to Micrologix 1200, I see in manual I need a 2711-NC21 cable to connect from panelview to Micrologix 1200. My question is do I need to set up micrologix to communicate with panelview? or once I connect the 2711-NC21 I should automatically communicate? thanks
  4. PanelView 600

    rpraveenkum Thanks yes that worked... I'm using NC13 in serial port on my PC and I used the 1747-PIC/AIC driver in RS Linx. Where did you discover this information, I searched for days? again thanks.
  5. PanelView 600

    Hello all, I'm trying to setup a new PanelView 600 2711-T6C5L1X B F 4.46 I'm trying to connect directly to PC with PanelBuilder 32 and down load an application. I'm having problems communicating with panelview. The panelview is setup for DH485 using the RS232 port. I've tried every transfer type DF1, direct point to point and always get same errors to check cables and make sure printer port is disabled. I'm using a 2711-NC13 cable right from panelview to PC. Am I using the wrong cable?
  6. I Does anybody have information on this system. How can you view a save inspection off line?