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  1. GT Designer exponential increment switch

    thank you so much guys. im not allowed to make any changes in the PLC code. As GOTs allowed scripts trying to make a script to achieve the same function. but im not that expert in coding yet so just giving a try. if i couldnt do it the last plan is setting the screen keypad with range. thanks again guys for the support.
  2. GT Designer exponential increment switch

    Thank you Wizard. im not allowed to make any changes in the PLC Program so im looking for a way to do it only in the HMI interface. looks like its not possible to achieve it through GT designer.
  3. Hi Experts, I would like to know is there any possibility to make a switch that can make exponential increment to a data. i know how to make a switch to increment data in fixed intervals with a switch but im trying to make a switch when you press it continuesly it should increase the gains rapidly over time. is this possible and if yes can someone explain me how? im attaching a sample image how i want to make two buttons to increase and decrease a data. thank you in advance guys. kind regards, sathu.
  4. thank you so much for the tip and training link on the training now and i really appriciate it.
  5. Hi guys, im trying to redirect a screen when a bit is active in GT designer3. im still a beginner in the GOT. any help? regards, sathu.
  6. Thank you. make sense i will give a try as you said.
  7. Thank you so much Gambit. i have tried the offset Later yesterday after i post this but i use two switches for increment the value in the slider for example D0 range is 0-24 i use two switches in the end to add or deduct the value by 0.1 then another D1 0-60 range and it should increment by 1. is it possible to do it directly on GX designer or do i need to change the scaling in program? 
  8. Hello experts, Im trying to figuring out to do some modifications in the HMI. As I’m not experienced so much with HMIs, I need some help and advice. May be if I explain the problem with more details it might be easy for you to give me some guidance.    Currently we are using so many sliders to change parameters in the screen. For example, in a screen we use 5 parameters to change and each of them have separate sliders. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make some buttons and when we choose a parameter a same position in a screen will use a big slider to access those parameters. Basically, a same big slider for change all the parameters.      As there are lots of elements involve in a sidebar, I couldn’t find out a way to make it. Can you give me some guidance to make it?   
  9. hey guys, im completely new to GX Works and for a school project i need to print the program i made into a pdf file but when im trying to print it it will ask for " Please create CSV file from the product Information List of System monitor. any help or advise?