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  1. CP1L - Direct Ethernet Connection

    Hello, how did you manage because I have the same problem? I have activated and deactivated the direct connection function and nothing works. he is always stopped
  2. RPM

    Hello everyone and thank you for this forum. I am new to omron programming. My project is to find out how fast my gear turns. I had a 12 inch diameter gear cut with 96 teeth on a laser. I put a proximity switch to give me the number of impulses that I have returned. my gear turns between 1 foot minute to 15 foot minute. I test everything on a CP1L-L10 and then I'll put it on a CJ2M because I can't stop the machine or I have to put my project. this is to confirm that I am driving well at the requested speed. I have tested block 881 and block 883 and I cannot be precise enough in my data. I arrive at 1 min of precision and I must arrive at 0.1 of precision. I don't know if these clear enough. thank you for helping me. My native language is French. so sorry if there are any mistakes.