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  1. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    Yes, actually that one possible thought is my case exactly. I have already found that one out. But thank you very much. I am new so it's kind of difficult as everything. But is there any kind of source book for PLC, that you could recommend? Once again thank you for your help.
  2. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    I only have my push buttons and I have removed the old program from the PLC. I have the led lights near each input and output. I can see the ouput led lights going on when I push the button. So after I push the button my output led light goes on. However, before that I receive the energy from the output... Have tried many things, different wirings. I donot know what might be the problem anymore.
  3. Delta Dvp14ss11t2 Connection Problem

    It's just a switch on and off program triggering an output. The problem might be because of wiring or the PLC, it's a bit old. I have been searching but couldn't find anything regarding the wiring manual or instruction... But it's not normal to receive energy from the output before triggering right?
  4. Hello,  I am new with PLC programming. I uploaded a switch on and off program to my PLC to try it. Even though there is no signal the output (Y0) is always on. When I push the button on, the PLC led lights turn on but even before that my lamp is on. I don't know what the problem is, thinking it might be because of the connection.  Thank in advance.