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  1. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Oh, that is sad.  But thank you for all your help! :) 
  2. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Sorry. The format I left out is this.   "Memory Map Image File" format
  3. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Hey, I installed the NT Transfer Utility which I had hoped would solve my problems.  But it would only let me upload in    format.  Which I couldn't open in NT-series support tool. Could you please send me the link for the NTSS (DOS)?  And when you say offline conversion, do you just mean changing the format it's saved in?  Thanks.   ps. the stupid forum won't let me upload pictures... even though they are less than 3.91 MB
  4. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Ya, i tried.  Ya, that's great, thanks! It did have another error that mentioens DOS, I didn't get a pic of it. I'll try that. :) 
  5. NT20 touchscreen broken

    I know! I can't :(  after doing the complete upload it just has an error that says "incompatible PT hardware connected.
  6. NT20 touchscreen broken

    No, but thanks for the attempt! The screen is completely shot. I actually was able to get another NT20S and mix and match the circuit boards and screens to make the old one work with the new screen!  
  7. NT20 touchscreen broken

    Hi, I have an Omron Nt20S touchscreen and the screen is broken.  The only way I know how to get the program off of the screen is to push two corners at the same time and then go into transmit mode. Does anyone know how to upload a program from this screen without changing it to transmit mode?  I already attempted to replace the screen, but I think the program is stored on the circuit board the screen is attached to. Thanks in advance!