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  1. Help please

    Thankyou guys. Really appreciate it. I was able to connect it via serial instead but now the PLC is stuck with an error red light. I can’t find a way thru the manual on how to remove it from the get go before starting to program  what I’ve noticed is that as soon as I give power to the PLC even if I haven’t connected it to the PC thru the serial cable I’m using, the error (red light) is already showing 
  2. Help please

    I have set up my com port but for some reason now it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. And I have updated the driver for this com but nothing. Still stays yellowed out 
  3. Help please

    I got a new cpm2a and installed cx one (programmer) on my dell XP and tried connecting it but failed. I’m using the peripheral port (serial to usb (cif02)) and also made sure my drivers read this cable correctly but when open my cx programmer I choose cpm2a* and when try changing the network type to the USB port, it doesn’t show up at all. Idk what I’m doing wrong. Please help