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    Thank you very much, a very simple solution that I hadn't thought of, thank you very much.

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem that will surely be nonsense for you. I have to transmit in modbus tcp with WORD array of the temperatures converted from REAL. The problem is that when they are converted to WORD arrays they lose decimals. How can I do to transmit them also with decimals? Thank you  
  3. Perfect.  Thank you
  4. Thanks so much for the replies. As for the VPN being a beginner with the latter, how should I go about setting it up ?. That is, you need a remote pc (to which I connect) with the VPN software installed and which is always connected to the plc, or do you configure the plc directly to work with the vpn? Thank you
  5. Good evening to the whole forum. I have a question to ask you if possible. Is there a way to remotely connect to a Sysmac NX1P2 or NJ series plc via Sysmac Studio software using a public IP without having to open port 80 on the router ?. Thank you all
  6. Error 8287 Upload Ge Fanuc 90-30

    Purtoppo non so con quale versione di software sia stato fatto il programma, però ipotizzo con il Versamax 2.01. Grazie per la risposta. Proverò il tuo consiglio.   Unfortunately I do not know with which software version the program was made, but I assume with the Versamax 2.01. Thanks for the reply. I'll try your advice.
  7. Error 8287 Upload Ge Fanuc 90-30

    Buongiorno a tutti, devo effettuare l'upload della logica di un Ge Fanuc 90-30 CPU350, ma quando vado a fare l'upload (ho provato sia con proficy 7.0, che con Versapro 2.04), fallisce restituendomi errore 8287, che indica che il rung di un sottoprogramma è troppo lungo. Posseggo, un progetto di questo plc, ma la logica quando vado a collegarmi risulta NE. C'è un modo per effettuare l'upload escludendo il sottoprogramma contenente il rung che mi restituisce l'errore?, o un'altro modo per effettuare l'upload?. Grazie a tutti   Hello everyone, I have to upload the logic of a Ge Fanuc 90-30 CPU350, but when I go to upload (I tried both with proficy 7.0, and with Versapro 2.04), it fails giving me error 8287, which indicates that the rung of a subroutine is too long. I have a project of this plc, but the logic when I go to connect is NE. Is there a way to upload by excluding the subroutine containing the rung giving me the error ?, or another way to upload? Thank you all