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  1. CPM1A with touch NB

    Your reasoning is more than correct, the problem is that the customer doesn't want to spend
  2. CPM1A with touch NB

    Ok. Thanks
  3. CPM1A with touch NB

    Sorry again. Could the CPM1-CIF02 fit by any chance?
  4. CPM1A with touch NB

    Perfect. Thank you.
  5. CPM1A with touch NB

    is it possible to create a cable instead of the CPM1-CIF01?. I was looking for the CIF01 diagrams on the forum but I can't find them
  6. CPM1A with touch NB

    Hello to all the forum, I have a CPM1A plc connected with an NT2S-CN212-V1 cable to a NT3S-ST121B-E touch screen. I wanted to ask you if it is possible to connect the plc to a touch NB by changing the cable or is it mandatory to use a CIF-01 interface. Thank you all
  7. Good morning, all guys. I'm looking for a low-cost alternative to do remote assistance to the omron NX1P2 plc via VPN, mounting only the router on the panel where the plc is wired, and I came across this USR-G809-EAU router, do you think it can work? Thank you all
  8. Hello, I tried, as your advice, to communicate with the board with a PC using "hercules" software, but without success. However I noticed one thing at the hardware level, on the card connector I have 5V fixed between TX and GND and 5V between RX and GND. While on the PLC CIF I have 5V between GND and SD and 0V between GND and RD. Could this be the problem? Thank you
  9. Hello, even changing the cable connection. Now the COMM led only lights up when I send packets, but I receive nothing
  10. I'll try tomorrow and let you know, because I noticed the mistake at the end of the day.  Thanks anyway.  I keep it updated
  11. Ok, yes I have the board pinout, and I cross connected it, am I wrong?.  I knew it was wired Rx to tx and Tx to rx. However if I put them paired, rx with rx and tx with tx, the led turns off and turns on only when I send the command
  12. Hello, I tried to apply your advice, but I don't get any response from the card, maybe I'm doing something wrong? Attached is the test file I used. The COMM led on the NX1W-CIF01 board is on steady.Thank you
  13. Okay. I'll let you know on Monday. Meanwhile, thanks again for the help, have a good weekend and best wishes