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  1. Thanks for the update. Will look at it next week have been sent to a different project this week.
  2. Thank you, will try this next week. Not sure about the S: register
  3. Thanks everyone. been bench testing & looks like N7:256 is as high as the AB 1100 can count. As well as not being able to use a floating point. I think the best plan is to use a separate counter that resets just after midnight. Also some sites on this project have two flow meters. So if I can count each pulse (1000 gallons each), going to see if I can store 90 days using the data logger or the FIFO. That would be 180 registers. Anyone have input on which one to use? All sites are remote/radio, will only be able to use Wonderware to read values no AB/RSLogix licences available for the desktop.
  4. Is there a way log flow totals at midnight in a AB 1100 need daily totals for 365 days. Data logger & FIFO do not allow floating point. We need to display daily readings in Wonderware. Note have Wonderware  set up to do the same but due to com failures it has not worked.