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  1. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    i have also tried with another slave (Beckhoff BX900 with its internal com port) and it worked normal. so i can asume that there is something wrong configured in KL6041 module? I haven't tried any modbus master softwares. You ware thinking about MBPoll? i dont have any rs485 card or com port on my PC to directly connect to it.  
  2. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    in 2. row is 1. slave ID and then on like in maunal. i use read registors (function 3),  and 8 - "registers" Here is also from slave
  3. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    I Have looked but can't find anything wrong. In attachement are print screens.
  4. ModBus RTU error code 263 (CRC)

    Hello Can anyone please help. I'm trying to communicate with an Beckhoff PLC via Versamax (IC200CPUE05). Versamax is configured as Master and Beckhoff as slave (BC9050cpu with KL6041 com module) After some try and error i came to the final error. The status is 263 (in hexa 107). in versamax manual it says "Complete_Frame_Invalid_CRC". also in beckhoff error ID is show problem with CRC.   Can anyone please tell me the reason and what is at fault?