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  1. Hi all, I have a vendor skid on-site with a Tp900 HMI. I am unable to go online to it. Any time i try to establish a connection i get the message: Going online: the HW configuration of the HMI_RT_1 was changed but it was not compiled and loaded yet. The shown diagnostics is possibly inconsistent or wrong. Has anyone seen this before and if so what was the resolution?   Thanks Guys 
  2. Hi all,New to this forum.I am having an issue on one of our customers sites where the InTouch SCADA node and Historian lost connection.As a result the operators could not see any alarms or trends.From looking at the SMC log files on the SCADA node an event occured at midnight 00:00.The message reads "HistoryProducer: Failed Creation of rollover log file.."Due to this the alarm manager could not connect to the Historian database for alarms.Message "Attempting to Connect to Provider '\\ServerName:\intouch'"Hence why the operators could not see any alarms or trending on the system.Has anyone seen this behavior before ?