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  1. Convert ASCII to text, Studio 5000

    @BobLfoot and @ABlearner Thank you guys for your input and very elegant solution. I’m disappointed I left my programming laptop at the shop for the weekend now because I would like to try this out.    I did actually come to a solution and am too new at this to be too embarrassed to share. I feel like it’s a little hokey and messy but it does work. Since my character pool was small and I only had 9 spots to worry about I wrote an ASCII decoder. I just made a no external control constant string tag for each character in my pool then got creative with what limited programming knowledge I have to do some comparing and replacing. I’d be more than happy to go into the details if anyone is interested but won’t list all the boring details unsolicited. Thanks again for the help, I will throw this suggestion into the program see if I can get it figured out this way also.    
  2. Hello I am having an issue I am hoping someone can help with. I have an OCR camera system (Keyence CV-X402F) that is extracting an engraved serial number off a part that we are wanting to send to our MES so that it can use that serial number for tracking build information. I am sending the recognized string via Ethernet_IP to an AB 1769-L30ER as a DINT with an ASCII value. My MES needs to pick that up as human readable in order to work correctly. The serial number is 9 characters long and is stored in 9 different address'. I have been able to use the concatenate block to get it to one location and together but I cannot figure out how to convert it to its human readable form (seeing an M instead of 77). I have tried to use the DTOS block both before and after my concatenation but I always end up with just a string of ASCII code. This is what I am getting after is has been concatenated, 775048515451665057, which is correct, when you split it out it does translate to what I want, M20363B29. What do I need to do in the program itself for my final result to be M20363B29 instead of 775048515451665057? I am literally at my wits end and any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks