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  1. Hi all, I have a Wago PLC and sometimes all IO's start flashing on and off. Then I need to be near the PLC and check the error LED's. They are blinking in a certain way with pauses which gives the error and sub-error code. It seemed there was an error with K-bus. An IO module was missing. I removed some IO's and replaced them again and restarted the PLC a couple times with the end module somewhere in between and suddenly the error was gone. All IO modules were in the same place again and everything worked again. I suppose there is a bad contact somewhere? Maybe I need extra power modules? It happens only once every month or so... 1st question: anyone has an idea of what the reason for this fault could be? 2nd question: is there any place where I can see a log of these errors? I can't find it anywhere in codesys or in the web interface. I'm looking for something like "diagnostic buffer" in Siemens PLC's. Thanks!