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  1. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    Right now it is not.   It is supposed to be doing stuff.  One of the programs is for the counters and one program is for temp sensors on the machine.  Which explains why I have had issues with both being inconsistent and both not working right.   The third program is for the information going to the HMI on this machine and that explains why I could not get some of the icons and faults status to work like they are supposed to. I think for now i am goin to leave it running as it is and not try to re-upload from the prom. the machine is running and making production.  I am working with a company called Soft PLC to use all the information to upgrade to a new plc and HMI system.   
  2. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    This worked great!  Thank you everyone for all the help.  I was able to gain access to the prom and find out I have 3 programs stored on it.  I was able to get the information off of it for all three of them and save them as text files. I used a windows 10 laptop and a usb to serial adapter from sea-level and a 1784-cp10 cable.  i used the program putty to make the connection.   Again thank you all very much for all the help! 
  3. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    ok thank you I will try that first before i try anything with loading the program.
  4. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    Chelton, Please see attached word doc for a screen shot of what it said when I did the above process. So I think there is something wrong with the basic mod.  its kind of weird the machine has been running good since reloaded the program on it on we got and installed good batteries. They unpowered the machine and  did not check the processor batteries before shipping it to us and once we got it, the program was gone. I had to take the pdf copy of the program we got with it and reenter it in. After that everything has been working.  But I think something happened to basic mod at that time too.  it has a chip installed in it. Do you know how to load the program from the chip?   New Microsoft Office Word Document.docx
  5. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    I believe that is what they are using this one for.  Math stuff.  I would say I'm still in run mode because I did not do any thing but type list.  Once I exit run and enter command mode,  how do I get it back to run mode?  control c again?   
  6. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    yes as far as i can tell it is doing something.  The company that help me convert the plc2 program  (soft plc)  also said that there is info in the basic mod that they need to fully complete the conversion.    I have never had to do anything with a plc2/05 before.  I just got into this old stuff in the spring when we got a used piece of equipment in that has this processor in it.  i attached a pdf copy of the program if any has any time or interest to take a look at it and give me their opinion if the basic mod is doing anything.  SD99231.pdf
  7. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    I am also plugged into the programing port when I am connected with my computer, should I be using the Peripheral Port instead?   
  8. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    joe e:  the machine is running but not today so i can try different things on it.  there are no cables plugged into the front of it.  it does have a  newer chip installed into it.   
  9. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

     Can you please tell me what settings you have set in the putty config screen.  I downloaded putty and pugged my usb to serial converter in and its on com3.  I selected the serial option and set it to com3 and set the speed to 1200 and clicked the open button.  when I type in list I get the same thing i was seeing with HyperTerminal. 
  10. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    Guys this is all good information.  I am going to try all of this stuff.  I have a windows 10 machine and usb cables.  i am going to look for the putty program this morning and get it installed and will give it a shot.  Thanks for the help 
  11. getting the information out of a plc2 basic module

    Yes I do have a manual for the basic module. i have looked through it a little bit and from what i read it should be about 50 to 100 lines of info.  I am currently using one with windows vista on it.  I don't have any other options for computers. this is the only one i could find here at work that had a serial port on it.   My IT guy is going to look to see if he has windows xp software.    
  12. I need some help.  i have a plc2/05 with a 1771-DB basic module.  I need to get the information off of the basic module so i can do a plc upgrade .  I found a older computer with the correct serial port on the back and i have the correct cable 1784-CP10.  I downloaded a free trial of windows HyperTerminal.  I am using com 1 with settings of 1200 baud, no parity, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit . i get the > on the screen when it says connected and when i type list and hit enter all that comes up on the screen is  0              **B1000000000045A        I'm pretty sure there should be more information than that in there.  i have very little experience with plc2 and none with basic modules.  Any body have any ideas what i am doing wrong?