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  1. Wire size supply infeeds

    @BobLfoot thanks for the answer however i am more interested in the wires from the Distribution Block to the MCP and MCCB of the consumers. Basically do i wire past my distribution depending on each of my consumer or the biggest consumer?
  2. Need some EPLAN help

    Hello, 1. Your contacts might not be aligned on the grid. Try to enable Object Snap On and Snap to Grip. Then select your contacts and click on Align on Grid. 2. You can use "Connection Definition Points". Place them on the connection you want to modify and change the Color in the Connection Graphic tab. Additionally you can create your own layers with default line color and thickness  for various supply types (L, N, +, -, M, PE, SH, etc).
  3. Hello, I want to ask for a second opinion regarding sizing infeed wires and cables. Take this case for example: 5G16 incoming supply cable (400VAC 3PH+N) to a panel which goes through a MCB and then to a potential distribution block. From there on i can feed various supplies: 1 off 30A Inverter (4mm wire) 1 off 15A Motor (1.5mm wire) 1 off 24VDC PS (2.2A) (1mm wire) The wires from the potential distribution block to the MCP (inverter / motor) an MCCB ( PS)  do they all have to be the same size as the highest consumer? This case inverter so 4mm?   Thank you.