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  1. Omron Sysmac S6 Program

    Thank you very much Michael!  That makes sense to me now.  I have not done any boolean programming since the mid 80's, so I am really rusty (and old).  
  2. Omron Sysmac S6 Program

    I am converting several Sysmac S6's to AB Compact Logix.  I pulled the S6 programs out using a Pro16 console.  I have figured 99% of it out.  But, there is one rung that has me a bit stumped.  Here it is: LD 7 AND NOT 8 AND 71 AND TIM 2 LD NOT 72 LD NOT TIM 2 OR LD LD NOT 7 OR LD AND 8 OR LD OUT 74 The final OR LD (prior to OUT 74) is what has me stumped.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!