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  1. Hand Held 2D Barcode Scanner to CompactLogix

    Look at the RTA (Real Time Automation) ASCII modules. I use them for lots of barcode readers and printers. Great people to work with, and their product makes this simple
  2. Scale with parameters

    The FX3U lets you use the SCL command. That works pretty easy!
  3. Scale with parameters

    time to revisit this - is there a command like "scale with parameters" available for the FX3U yet?
  4. Red Lion HMI Clock Sync

    Thanks all Just used this on a G3 to a Micrologix 1200 - worked great
  5. Thanks - the 1.5 K resistors did the trick
  6. Thanks All I have selected a Red Lion Encoder with an open collector output. Everything makes sense, but how do I calculate the size of the pullup resistor I need?
  7. Looking for an encoder to go with a Micrologix 1400. The encoder shaft will be turned by a shaft at 60 RPM and I need to know the shaft's location within .3 degrees. Does it matter what type of output the encoder has? Anyone have any brand recommendations (using a flange mount encoder) Thanks
  8. Panelview plus

    I create a screen with my company logo and the customer's logo on it, then monitor the machine cycle and if no activity is sensed after a fixed time, I display this screen. I make a transparent pushbutton over the whole screen so if it is touched, the original screen comes back. I also use the backlight tag to lower the intensity of my logo screen slowly over a few hours of machine idle time. Touching the screen sets the backlight tag back to 100. This also lets me control when the "screensaver" is dislayed.
  9. last 10 pcs average cycle time

    Thanks all I used b_carlton's idea and it works great. just 2 rungs of logic Thanks for everyone's ideas
  10. Hello All Does anyone have a simple way to calculate the average cycle time of the last 10 parts ran, doing a live update every part? I am using Logix 5000 and my machine makes a part every 4.0 - 6.5 seconds. I want to add the last 10 cycle times, then use that to calculate the average time. I am going to experiment with a FIFO a bit, but if there is an easier way, please let me know Thanks
  11. Servo Brake Contrologix

    I have a system with an X,Y & Z axis using Contrologix with Kinetix 6000 drives. The Y axis has a brake on the motor. I have the Y axis set so when the enable signal on the Y axis turns off, the brake engages and then the drive disables. This works great. However, on a main power loss, the axis will drop 1/2" before the brake has a chance to engage. Does anyone know a way to have the brake turn on when the axis is not moving, even though it is still enabled? This way if the power goes out and the axis was not moving, the brake would already be engaged. I thought about hardwiring this (just turn the 24VDC to the brake off when I am not commanding the drive to move) but there must be tag somewhere that would control this Thanks EC
  12. Hello all Does anyone know a way I can get 3 values out of a .dat file that is created by another process, and get them into a tag in RSView32 A remote press creates this .dat file every cycle, and now the customer needs it saved in a data file as my machine moves. Here is what is in the dat file (as viewed by wordpad) Gauged Data: Label,Value,Status Distanceat100,1.65653437,OK MaxForce,626.52803129,OK MaxDist,1.8995229,OK Thanks Evan
  13. Retro encabulator

    Is this one's quality any better than what you have? I can send it to you if your email will allow a large file (it is 3MB), or I can put it on my FTP site later
  14. Retro encabulator

    I have an older copy - I have put it on photobucket here Hope it helps Evan
  15. display changing bmp in rsview32

    Thanks Paul Just tried changing the cache settings, and it has no effect on a bmp on the screen. Do you have any other thoughts?