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  1. Currently have NX PLC setup as an OPC UA server and an OPC client setup and communicating.  The issue is only tags that do not have a Data Type are showing up in the OPC client.  I have 2 separate OPC softwares connected to this plc through OPC UA and both are having same issue.  If I setup the OPC as a polling service, then all the tags show up as expected.  Does anyone know if this is a known issue with Omron and their OPC UA server, or is there something that I am doing incorrectly (possibly a setting within Omron that I am not aware of)?
  2. Tracking program changes

    The majority at either CJ2m, NX-102-1020, or NJ-PD3001.  I would like to do this for all the models
  3. I'm looking for a way to automatically notify through SCADA if a PLC program has changed or a download has occurred.  Does Omron provide a TAG or memory area in the PLC that tracks each time a program is modified/downloaded?